NEW: Spiritual Java

During this tour, guided by the organization "Javanese Wisdom and Healing", you take a step into understanding Javanese ethical and spiritual values (Kejawen). You will also learn some methods and exercises (Kebatinan) to achieve more insight.

ViaVia selected a half day tour and a full day tour.

Half day (starts at noon):
Visit Kotagede's Makam Raja and the tomb of Senopati. Visit Makam Imogiri, a sacred graveyard complex of the Mataram Kings. After a meal enjoy a night meditation at Parangkusumo Beach with offering ritual. End with a hot water spring bath at Parangwedang.

Full day:
Departure from ViaVia to Gunungkidul via the Dlingo scenic road. Visit Gunung Nglanggeran, Patuk. Trekking to peak. Short meditation. Visit Ki Ageng Giring grave + meditation with flower offering. Swim at the beach Pantai Ngrenehan and enjoy an early seafood meal. Visit some sacred spots and join a ritual meditation with offerings at Pantai Ngobaran visit.

Half Day Tour:
12.30 pm till 23 pm

Full Day Tour:
9.00 am till 23 pm

Start from ViaVia Cafe

Half Day Tour:
Rp 750.000/ pers, min 2 pers, Rp 500.000/ extra pers

Full Day Tour:
Rp 1.250.000/ pers, min 2 pers, Rp 500.000/ extra pers

Including: transport by car, guide, entrance fees, offerings
Excluding: meals
ViaVia Jogja, Jl. Prawirotaman 30, Jogjakarta. Phone: +62 274 386557
OPEN: every day 7.30am - 11.00pm - - 2012