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ViaVia is a forum for young artists in support of their work. Lots of young, not yet established artists in Jogja look for a place to exhibit their work. ViaVia offers them the ideal space. They don't have to pay fees and the place is not too big. So they don't need tens of artworks. On top of all that lots of people from all over the world can see their works.
ViaVia Jogja, Jl. Prawirotaman 30, Jogjakarta. Phone: +62 274 386557
OPEN: every day 7.30am - 11.00pm - - 2012


29 okt 16 - 29 nov 16

Family Values Vol.01', |Solo Exhibition by Rennie 'EmonK' Agustine F.
Opening: Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2016, 19.30
Opened by: Dr. Suwarno Wisetrotomo (Pengajar)
Music by: DJ. Dash, Half Eleven PM, and Friends



Family is home. To return home is to return to the family. Family is number one.

The title of this exhibition, Family Values Volume 01, is inspired by a rock and hip-hop event in America: Family Values Tour. In general Family Values are often referred to in terms of the cultural and traditional values that are passed on from one generation to the other, linked to family structure, functions, roles, believes, attitudes and aspirations. These aspects are relative because they depend on each individual.

Why family? We have all heard someone make excuses: 'Sorry I can't make it due to family commitments' or 'Sorry, I am busy with family matters'. 'Family' as an excuse is a 'potent weapon' to allow us to stop in the middle of something, because family is seen as the priority of our lives, although there are some people, who think that family issues are trivial and should give way to other priorities.

The choice of family as a theme is personal, because the last few years, Emonk has had several experiences, some her own and some those of close friends. She chose ViaVia because of her connection to the place. She already exhibited her work here earlier and worked here for several years as a curator. ViaVia is like family for Emonk.

This exhibition will be projected in several phases. In phase one (Family Values Volume 01). Emonk shows various family figures in the shape of dolls. Emonk choses dolls as a medium because every time Emonk returned to her parents home in Bandung, her father would arrange dolls on her bed as if they were adik-adik (little brothers and sisters) welcoming her back. Sometime he also left little notes of welcome in their hands (which he wrote). This made her returns home very special.

The family figures she displays are those that represent Family to her: her father, mother and older siblings. (The father figure had more time with the children because the mother was more busy), friends, colleagues, and people good for a laugh that turn into friends and family.
Becoming a family does not rely on bloodline, resemblance and marriage. Environment we live in, school, workplace, pets and others can become new family, as Emonk shows in this exhibition.

Rennie 'EmonK' is a product of Yogyakarta and Bandung. Apart for working as an artist, she has been involved in several art projects. She is currently learning entrepreneurship and dealing with family. She has worked as a curator in ViaVia for 4 years.

ViaVia Jogja hosted its first contemporary art exhibition in 1996. Since then hundreds of mostly young local artists have used the restaurant space to express themselves. In addition we have held several concerts, debates and movie screenings. For more details, please click on the "t", which will take you to Tumblr and a time travel back in ViaVia history!