open from 7.30 till 23.00





tomato paneer served with rice, pappadam, raita and cucumber-mint salad

Healthy smoothie
-Spirulina green smoothie

homemade desserts :
-wholewheat cake
-cold lemon cream see more on our
facebook page

Main Dishes from Indonesia and the world
Salads / Pastas / Artisan bread and sandwiches
Great for vegetarians and omnivores
Delicious sweets

illy coffee or
organic kopi Jawa
Healthy fresh juices

Healthy & fresh - as organic and local as
possible - no MSG - All vegetables washed
in boiled water


and it burns, burns, burns

ViaVia Jogja, Jl. Prawirotaman 30, Jogjakarta. Phone: +62 274 386557
OPEN: every day 7.30am - 11.00pm - - 2012


We always use organic rice and organic vegetables where possible. We never use Mono Sodium Glutamate! All our vegetables and fruits are washed in boiled water. Ice cubes are made from boiled water.

Open from 7.30 till 23.00!

A varied menu with dishes from all over the world.Indonesian daily changing menu, pastas, salads, sandwich bar, steaks, tapas and world kitchen.

Daily specials: Always remember to check the blackboard for daily offers! We surprise you with Japanese style tuna fish, vegetarian Vietnamese noodles, lamb rack, Flemish beef stew and other delicacies. Our rijsttafel (various Indonesian dishes served with rice) is for the traveler who finds it difficult to make choices.

We have an extensive breakfast menu. How about brown bread with cheese, a bowl of muesli with yogurt and fresh tropical fruits, jaffles and pancakes? Also try our freshly made juices! On warm days, try our refreshing milkshakes or an ice cream.

Check out the desert of the day, which tastes delicious with a cup of freshly grained coffee or aromatic Javanese tea!

This is a cookbook for the amateur cook who wants to master the wonders of Indonesian aromas and tastes. Made has offered food and cooking courses for travelers at ViaVia Jogja for 16 years. In this book she reveals her secrets, including her most private feelings about her job.

Her kitchen is never quiet, and to share the spotlight, her ViaVia colleagues shout out uncensored anecdotes about ingredients and dishes in between the recipes. This brings you closer to Indonesian daily life, and will put a smile on your face.


Coming soon: cookbook as downloadable app

Money can't buy love,
but it can buy bread!

Our small ViaVia bakery produces healthy and tasty artisan breads, using natural ingredients,ancient old slow fermentation techniques,no additives or preservatives.

ViaVia Bakery now also in Jl Menukan 10, Karangkajen. Open from 7 to 17.30