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ViaVia Jogja, Jl. Prawirotaman 30, Jogjakarta. Phone: +62 274 386557
OPEN: every day 7.30am - 11.00pm - - 2012
Join one of our tours and get to the heart of Jogjakarta and surroundings. ViaVia tours are as varied as Jogja is populated and they all offer something unique. Adventure, gastronomy, culture, we got it covered … the choice is yours!
Why not take a course and experience Jogjakarta in a different way? Scroll down and look at what we offer.
We are excited to introduce our new OUTDOORS tours, trips that take you beyond the borders of the city, beyond the normal destinations and straight into the stunning nature that surrounds Jogja.
  • ViaVia offers alternative tours in and around Java and Indonesia.
  • ViaVia organizes car rental with driver.
  • International and Domestic flights can be booked at ViaVia.
  • ViaVia arranges entrance tickets for the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan and for the Ramayana ballet at the Prambanan complex.
  • ViaVia can make arrangements, customized tours and courses for personal suggestions.
International Responsible Tourism Award to ViaVia Jogja

ViaVia Jogja of Prawirotaman 30, Yogyakarta, is the winner of Wild Asia's 2013 Responsible Tourism Award for Most Inspiring Tour Operator. This is Wild Asia's highest award given to companies that follow key principles of sustainable tourism, which means a maximum positive impact on the local communities and minimum negative impact to the environment. This year was especially challenging for the jury, as there were 45 highly qualified companies from all across Asia.

“ViaVia Jogja is as varied as the population of Jogjakarta”, the jury writes about why ViaVia Jogja has been chosen the winner. “They offer visitors adventure, gastronomy and culture.”

Wild Asia is especially impressed by how ViaVia Jogja shares its profit to support social, cultural and environmental projects.

“For 17 years we have offered support and space to new local artists to exhibit their work. ViaVia has become an important stepping stone for young artists and art managers,” Mie Cornoedus, the founder of ViaVia Jogja says.

ViaVia Jogja is also commended by the jury for providing support to humanitarian response. “Naturally, because we live in a vulnerable area we supported the reconstruction of houses after the earthquake and provided other assistance to affected people. Also after the last volcanic eruption, we provided help camps in Muntilan,” Cornoedus explains.

ViaVia Jogja receives a high score for inspiring tourism agents to follow principles of sustainable tourism. “Maybe our most important contribution is provision of free trainings to communities and students, who want to work as guides. This trainings focus on cross cultural communication and how to identify things in our own culture that is interesting for tourists to see. These things are not just temples, batik and traditional dancing, but our everyday life, which we might not think about as interesting but that are different and exciting to travelers.”

The tours that ViaVia Jogja offers are also mentioned positively by the jury. “We try to offer alternative tours that bring travelers in contact with locals. For example, we offer a religion tour, which we developed after the Bali bombs when there was a need for safe space to talk about religion,” Cornoedus says. “It is also important to us that locals gain benefits from our tours and that tourists are given information about how to be respectful of the local communities. This is what we mean by sustainable tourism. We purchase as many services and products that we can from local communities. We also have a Fair Trade shop where we offer the products of groups and individuals with needs for economic opportunities, for example former street children and people living with disabilities. ”

Another element of sustainability is care for the environment, according to the Wild Asia jury. “At ViaVia Jojga we work together with Trees4trees, and organization that plants trees together with farmers. Through them we plant trees for every tour we make by motorized vehicle. We also support local communities near the Meru Betiri National Park and use sustainable energy sources in our restaurant. We have also a policy not to use products with palm oil, as this is important to preserve the biodiversity of rain forests”.

The Wild Asia jury also highlights staff working conditions. “Certainly, without our amazing staff, we would not be where we are now,” Cornoedus says. “We make sure all staff have a living wage and health insurance. We have supported S1 and S2 education for some of our staff and training courses for all the staff that want to learn something new.”

Women have a special position in ViaVIa Jogja, the jury writes. “Most of our staff are women and all our managers are women. This is because when we started in 1996, we saw a need to give women a chance to prove that they can hold the same positions as men within the tourism industry. At the time, women working in hospitality were often stigmatized by local communities. Luckily times have changed since then, but tourists really appreciate a female perspective in many of our tours, because they often meet male guides in other places,” Cornoedus says.